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The Ash Files News & Updates - Last Updated:February 18, 2015 February 18th, 2018, 10:20am
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   The Ash Files News & Updates - Last Updated:February 18, 2015
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Posted: November 2nd, 2006, 3:11pm Report to Moderator

Austin, TX
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I've decided to make a news & updates post regarding this site or whatever else.  Newest news & updates will be at the top.

February 18, 2015:

- Updated theme to match Kablammo! colors.
- Added Kablammo! Bootlegs section.
- Minor text changes.
- Guests can now view and read messages (but not post) in the Bootleg Discussions area.

August 17, 2011:

- Added security question to registration.

January 2, 2011:

- Happy new year!  Updated the colors and slightly updated the look for 2011.

September 3, 2010:

- Just renewed The Ash Files website for another 3 years (9/21/2010 - 9/21/2013)!

November 3, 2009:

- Added some A-Z Series info/stream/links to the top of the page to coincide with each single release
- Made some other minor changes (mostly text/formatting changes)

October 27, 2009:

- Cleaned up the main forum template a bit which included removing the text from the 5 golden rules from the top and linking to it in a popup instead.  This way you can switch back and forth between the popup and the main page should you need to view the subject formatting guidelines or anything else.  I also cleaned up some of the donation text and put it into a separate popup
- Slightly modified the color scheme.  For each A-Z single release I plan to correlate the title bars to the applicable color of the single and Ash-Official website (at least that's the plan for now...)
- Shrunk the cell padding in the message indexes to allow you to view more subjects/bootlegs at once
- Removed a useless feature that was half-broken anyway that allowed users to expand/contract the main boards

September 17, 2009:

- I can't believe it's been A YEAR since I've updated this post.  There hasn't been too much bootleg activity in the past year, but hopefully that'll change with the upcoming A-Z singles and tours.  So, I've now set up The Ash Files Twitter account, which you can follow to and get constant updates of Ash Files bootlegs and news.  I'll be "tweeting" each time a bootleg is posted and will post a direct link on the twitter page to the bootleg post!  http://twitter.com/ashfiles

September 16, 2008:

- Freshened up The Ash Files a bit by modifying the color scheme slightly.  Hope you enjoy the new look!

September 15, 2008:

- Last week The Ash Files was renewed until 2010!  I hope everyone continues to enjoy the site!  If you would like to donate to help cover costs, I would be extremely grateful.  To do this, click the "Make A Donation" button at either the top or bottom of the page.  Thanks in advance.  Also, stay tuned for an influx of bootlegs -- coming soon!

December 18, 2007:

- I've made a few minor text changes to rules and added some useful links to codecs and such in the "Supported File Types For Uploading Bootlegs" post.  Also, I've enabled .png as an allowed file type for uploading images.

March 9, 2007:

- I have now fixed the download dialogue to where it will no longer auto-load the file that you are trying to download.  This was causing problems for some people.

February 16, 2007:

- Bandwith Allocation per month & Storage Space has been drastically upgraded today due to a change in the hosting plan by the web host!  Due to this, I've upgraded the max attachment size from 200mb to 1024mb (1 gb!).  This is great news, so let's get to uploading some more bootlegs, both audio and video!

February 6, 2007:

- Due to spam bots, guests can no longer post at any area of The Ash Files.  However, if you have signed up to become a member and are awaiting e-mail validation you can still post in this "Questions, Comments, & Announcements" area to address any issues that may arise with the validation process.  Guests can still READ this section to answer any questions they may have before registering or learn a little about the site first.

January 31, 2007:

- Link to Ash forum now redirects to the new Ash-Official board.

- A complete list of all bootlegs available at The Ash Files has now been compiled and can be viewed here in the new Bootlegs Section at the new Ash-Official board.  Registration required.

November 2, 2006:

- Post subject max length has been increased from the measly 50 characters to 80 characters.  This should allow you to post more complete subject lines for your bootleg posts.

- Check out the official Ash Board post by dmh HERE that includes updates and a very detailed synopsis of the primary songs Ash are considering for their next album, due out in Spring 2007.  This is one post you don't want to miss.  It also was posted on their Official MySpace along with

- NEW STUDIO VIDEOS of clips from Roulette, Suicide Girls, Polaris, Shadows, & In Hell posted on their Official MySpace

The Ash Files

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